Thrive As a Career-Driven Mom Program

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The Thrive As a Career-Driven Mom program is one I developed to help professional, working mothers preserve and protect their relationships at home, increase intimacy and regain connection with their spouse and kids by helping them develop skills and gain confidence to keep doing what they're doing both at work and at home without burnout, resentment or guilt. This program will help you identify your personal values, prioritize your tasks and responsibilities, advocate for yourself when demands seem unreasonably high, and cope with those guilty feelings when you make tough decisions. The most important thing it will teach you to do is understand how your mindset affects these things and change thought patterns that may not be serving you well.

This program provides not only an online course to help you learn the specific steps you can take to achieve this goal, it also allows you an opportunity to connect with other like-minded, career-driven moms who are on their own version of the same journey so you can learn from each other while experiencing a sense of community with people who really get it.

As career-driven mothers we often think, “I have to choose between being awesome in my career and being a good parent.” I'm here to debunk that myth, help you take control over your own life and to feel good while doing it. Because we can absolutely do both with the right strategies and support. Success in one area actually compliments the other. WE ARE WORTH IT!

Good Fit:

  • You are a woman who values her career and has kids.

  • You're ambitious, goal-oriented and eager to learn. You identify a problem and are willing to invest the time and effort to fix it.

  • You love connecting to, learning with and supporting like-minded women

Not a good fit:

  • You only see your job as a paycheck – you don't value your career in a personal way.

  • You have a hard time learning from others or considering different perspectives. You believe you know best and struggle with accepting feedback.

  • You'd prefer to do things on your own or wait for your situation to magically change, or you don't believe things can ever be different. You're prepared to continue doing things the same way while keeping your fingers crossed that your family relationships will survive the storm.

Now let's be honest. I'm guessing this is something you've been concerned about for a while.

So let's be real for a minute.

I want you to imagine your life 10 years from now. Will you be totally burned out, barely holding on, constantly pissed at your husband (if you're still together), distanced from your kids (or unable to break free from the worry that that's where you're headed) and wondering what happened to the future you imagined?


Will you be living the life you fantasized about when you and your husband first made the decision to have kids? The life that included BOTH career success and family bliss.

I want this for you too. And you can have it – I know you can. Now is the time.

So I want you to be honest for a minute.

Here We Go – What To Expect

This Program Will Teach You How To:


Identify what's really most important to you


Manage your mindset and expectations while defining what success means to you at work and home


Cope with stress and burnout along with unpleasant feelings such as anger, anxiety and guilt


Manage your time in a way that prioritizes what you care about most


Communicate effectively with your boss and/or your partner


Establish and maintain appropriate and healthy boundaries


And more!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is coaching the same as therapy? What's the difference?

Coaching is NOT the same as therapy. The focus of therapy is to treat mental health symptoms. The focus of coaching is to help people meet a specific identified goal, but who are otherwise functioning well in their day to day lives. Coaches tend to be more future-focused and help people stay accountable while providing guidance, education, accountability and support. Thrive As a Career-Driven Mom is a coaching program.

What kinds of things will I learn?

This comprehensive digital course covers a variety of topics to help you understand yourself better, learn practical tools and strategies and shift your mindset in order to increase intimacy and connection with your spouse and kids while reducing burnout, resentment and guilt. We will discuss topics including personal values, understanding and managing difficult emotions, coping with burnout, embracing imperfection, asserting yourself, establishing/maintaining boundaries and more!!

What can I expect in my group coaching calls?

Group coaching sessions are offered two times per week at previously set times and are available to all active members. In these sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions about what you are learning in the digital course and hear from others who may be at different points in the program. These sessions are typically 45 minutes to one hour based on questions. Members will be encouraged to submit questions ahead of time and will be answered in the order they are received.

Can I use insurance?

Coaching programs are all entirely self pay. Multiple payment options are available. Payment is accepted in the form of credit cards.

What if I don't have time?

I totally get it - we're all really busy. I bet not having enough time to manage everything going on in your life is one of the huge issues that brought you here in the first place. But don't worry. Coaching sessions are optional and typically last between 45-60 minutes. The digital course is self-paced and will continue to be available to you for twelve months.

What if I want additional support after I finish the twelve week program?

Not to worry. If you still want support after your initial twelve week program membership has expired, we can discuss additional options available to you based on your needs.

The Thrive As a Career-Driven Mom Program

Twelve Week Premiere Program Including

  • Digital course including informational and training videos with instruction and explanations where you will get access to my one-of-a-kind Career-Mom Success System, available for 12 months

  • Two weekly live group coaching calls to provide personal support and guidance allowing you to ask questions tailored to your individual circumstances while learning alongside other career-driven moms with similar struggles and challenges

  • One on one support for additional feedback as you work through various stages of the program

  • Connection to and support from other smart and motivated women on the same journey as you through participation in private Facebook group

What's in it for me?

  • The Thrive As a Career-Driven Mom program Career-Mom Success System, Christi's complete guide to help you save, protect and preserve your relationships with your spouse and kids while beating burnout, overcoming feelings of resentment and guilt without sacrificing your career

  • Get clarity around your individual values and priorities to help you better understand why you make certain decisions so you can feel confident in your choices

  • Overcome challenging emotions by understanding and shifting limiting beliefs and mindset patterns

  • Learn and implement practical tools and strategies to organize your days and help you tackle that never ending to-do list

  • Confidently and successfully advocate for your needs and desires without fear of additional conflict or negative responses at work and home

  • Learn how to establish and maintain boundaries with confidence

  • Professional feedback and guidance to help you apply the things you are learning to your individual situation and circumstances

  • Peer connection and support from other career-driven moms who are on the same journey as you through the private VIP Facebook group

It’s time to finally create the lifestyle you deserve!

You are worthy… It's your time.



“Christi provides insights and ideas that I've not considered before and help me to grow and explore. She is a fantastic listener and problem solver because of her action focused nature and attention to detail. Through many of the largest challenges in my life I've turned to Christi for her wisdom, patience and guidance and she has always assisted me to have a clear path forward.”


“I felt very encouraged and supported when working with Christi! She is attentive, empathetic, and non-judgmental, which made it easy for me to be open about my own struggles with finding balance in life. Christi is an excellent listener and truly works to understand others' situations in order to help problem solve. I am so glad I took this step to have Christi assist me in learning about myself and how to make positive changes.”


"Christi is one of the friendliest people I know. Always supportive and compassionate. She approaches problems with empathy, intelligence and professionalism. I'd recommend Christi to anyone seeking guidance from her."

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